Interview with Victor

Interjú Vissza

Interview with Victor

Victor answered some question

I know you are not satisfied with the silver medal, even though it was the Eagles’ first season in Division 1. How do you rate the last season? Do you see the team progressing? Are we heading to the right direction?
I will never settle for less than best, so no, I am not pleased with silver.
The Eagles organization is on the right track to becoming a great team. What I love about them is that we might have hiccups but we overcome them and fight as a family.

You always say that ’we are a familly’. This sounds great, but can you really sense it? Do you feel that we threat you like a brother? Do the owners and the coaches sees you as one of their sons? On and off the field as well?
Yes I say family alot because your family is always there when you are down and out and the love like family will make you fight harder for them. So yes everyone treats me like a brother or son they are my family and I love them so much.

What do you like the most about the Eagles? What is the key of success? We are neither stonger nor faster, than the other teams, are we?
What I like most? We are a family that we don\'t get on each other when we are down but we lift each other up. Keys to success? Less mistakes and capitalize on other teams mistakes.

Any areas to develop?
We are strong in many areas but there are always areas where we can improve on but I know the coaches and owners are doing everything to make that happen

Last year you told me, that if you would come here from the USA, you don\'t want to move back. Why do you like Hungary (or Europe) so much?
I am treated like a human being here and not by the color of my skin. If I\'m walking down the street people do not stop to walk on the other side of the street nor clinch their purse tighter. Plus the food here is amazing

I hope change is coming in America as well.
Me too. I hope it doesn’t last long.

You said hungarian food is amazing. Wich is your favorite?
Gulash soup and langosh

Any favorite place to go in BP?
The Citadella at night, because the city is so bright and beautiful. I feel like I can see my future and it always look so bright.

Sometimes we can see a feather in your hair before or after a game. Could you explain this?
Yes because I\'m Native American and eagle feather are secret.
So I try to bring my ancestors and heritage here with me so me being an eagle is more spiritual then you know.

Now, you are heading back to your ancestors land. Plans for the nearest future? Are you going to play footbal back in the USA?
Yes with the Mariners but train like always and prepare myself for next season.

With the Eagles?

Your expectations for 2018?
Win it all. Got to have high expectations. My mother used to say: „The sky is the limit. Reach for the moon because if you can\'t touch the moon you\'ll still be among the stars”.

Thank you, Victor

2017-07-27 14:07:35